Sweet 16 is an important day when a special girl celebrates her coming of age.

Farewell to braces, pigtails and toys. Welcome to driving, parties and boys!

Telling a teenager the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath.
Author: Arnold H. Glasow.

I just think the Sweet 16 is a sacred, special event.
Author: Stan Hardin.

The best substitute for experience is being sixteen.
Author: Raymond Duncan.

Sixteen is a milestone, your life is just beginning.

At 16, set your goals, turn your dreams into reality, you have you whole life ahead of you.

Once in a lifetime do you turn 16 never again will this age be seen.

Farewell to dollies, blankies and bows. Welcome to make-up, telephones and beaus.

Say goodbye to dolls and toys. Say hello to makeup and boys!

Sixteen candles make a lovely light but not as bright as your eyes tonight.
Author: Luther Dixon.

Sweet 16 is the moment of truth when girls mature from there childish youths.

Sixteen – so magic – so fleeting, fo not turn around too fast. My darling ’tis only a meeting a meeting that’s not meant to last.